Word to the Mother

Just when I thought it would never happen, Big L uttered his first sentence this morning:

"What's THAT?!?"

Not about anything specific, just a general question. So while the girls were still asleep, I sneaked him into our bedroom to see if I really heard what I thought I did (or if it was just some early morning dementia). Turns out, I was right: Prince Charming proceeded to run around the room pointing at things, repeating his new sentence over and over again. I spent the next twenty minutes answering him: "That's the bed, that's a lamp, that's a shoe, don't eat that! That's a book, that's the nightstand, that's...uh, gimme that!"

Even Mr. J, strep throat and all, woke up laughing his behind off, because for months now, our boy's been making absolutely no sense. Maybe to his twin, but not to us. And there was little to no effort made. He seemed to think that the "I cry, you get me what I want" method was working for everybody (namely himself). Not so. Sooo not so. I guess that's why Toddlerspeak: The Toddler Lexicon, the blog that lists every unimaginable toddlerism was created. I added a preverbal term of Coco's there a few weeks ago.

And as much as I try not to get caught up in comparing them, the fact that J-Jo was practically reciting monologues by their age doesn't help (the thought that she might have been somewhat atypical never crossed my mind once). So needless to say, I was elated. When the clock struck a more Godly hour, I called my dad to tell him that the mystery words Big L kept saying to him during our visit last weekend as he pointed at a picture on the wall actually meant something:

"e-TAA?" = "What's that?"

Who knew?

Of course in another six months I'll probably be dying for him to zip it. All of them, for that matter. But right now, for the two weeks it'll probably last, it's the cutest thing in my world.


plez... said...

be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it!

i have a 5-year old daughter and at this point, i can't wait for her to become that teenager who thinks it's cool NOT to talk to her parents! *smile*

"daddy, what's this?"
"daddy, where are we going?"
"daddy, are you thinking what i'm thinking?"
"daddy, what time will you be home?"
"daddy, what street are we on?"
"daddy, do i like this?"
"daddy, i don't like that!"
"daddy, does cheese makes me sick?"
"daddy, what is he doing?"
"daddy, what did you say?"
"daddy, they put the wrong toy in my happy meal!"
"daddy, what time is it?"
"daddy, is that Barack Obama?"
"daddy, are we there yet?"
"daddy, what are they doing?"
"daddy, who is that?"
"daddy, what's wrong with him?"
"daddy, can i play on your computer?"
"daddy, can we stop for ice cream?"

Being Mama Daily said...

lawd! the above comment had me ready to close the comment section. that sounds JUST like my daughter and she's six! It takes a LONG time for that to ease up and even then, as my twelve year old reminds me daily, they find the worse time - right in the middle of your favorite song or that sentence you have been trying to gather for 11 minutes - to say "mommy, i just gotta ask you this one important thing."