Barney vs. Hip Hop Harry

Barney V.S. Hip Hop Harry - Funny home videos are a click away

This is an advertisement for their long-overdue Battle Royale.

For the record, I should probably just mention that any one of us would gladly take either one of them, especially if it meant never having to watch the shows again. No offense to dinosaurs with hypoglycemia or retired bear mascots who think they're Fat Joe.

But feel free to go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong...


African girl, American world said...

ok I've never heard of Hip Hop harry but my kids came running as soon as I started the clip and schooled me....LOL!

About The Namesake...I read the book before I saw the movie just cause I didn't want to miss anything. The movie did a great job of covering a lot of the book but there are parts they fudged or left out.

I love short stories and I'm working on a book of them.


Yolanda said...

Woah. Just woah. Are there actually kids out there watching Hip Hop Harry? We have a Barney free (and thankfully Hip Hop Harry free) household with no chance of that changing, especially after seeing the battle royale.

Mrs. J said...

LOL! Sadly, there are kids who watch HHH. I found out about him at my brother's house a couple of months ago. Apparently, my 19 mo. old nephew's been watching it since he was just a shorty. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old blogg entry, but I had to laugh. My kids adore HHH which, thank god is less annoying then the squeaky barney voice.
We dealt with barney during my sons prek years, and now HHH during my daughters. The other plus side is, my 6 year old son, who has only older female cousins to look up to, was dancing like a female booty shaker.
Thanks to this urban bear, he can now dance like a boy! lol