Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Mr. J woke up bright and early this morning to take J-Jo to the little bakery they like frequent on the weekends. That's it pictured there on the right, it's actually about that big, too. But I have to tell you, those cinnamon buns are the bomb (as evidenced by the remainders in the bottom right corner).

Before they left, I asked for a coffee and handed Mr. J some change before shooing them out the back door. I was despareate to take a catch a nap while the twins were sleeping.

Oh, but what I wouldn't have given to have heard this exchange:

Mr. J: (Counting his change) Okay, I think this is it...

J-Jo: Daddy, are you rich?

Mr. J: Uh no, I'm really...not. Are you?

J-Jo: Oh yeah (nodding head), I'm rich.

Mr. J: Yeah? How do you know?

J-Jo: Because I have more money than I can count.


Yolanda said...

J-Jo must keep you in stiches! Too funny

Christopher Chambers said...

This past weekend I was in a toy/comics/bookstore in N.C. with my nephew, buying him yet amother action figure from the upcoming Spider Man 3 to assuage my pain over him being the child of a recent nasty divorce and being separated from the rest of his family, the only black child in his first grade class being taught by a typical southern belle Missy Anne, blah blah blah. He saw something I'd written (he recalled the cover, bless his heart, when grown-ups in my own damn family can't even remember what I do) and asked me if I was indeed rich. I had pointed to a comic book called Papa Midnite penned some amateur and I said: "I'm not rich...that dude, however, is." And my nephew said in is signature stutter: "Well...well...when I grow up and become a big guy, I-I-I will make lots of money and take care of you so you can write better stuff in case Aunt Dianne throws you out for not having any money, okay Uncle Chris?"

What did the dude in "It's a Wonderful Life" say? "To the richest man in town... I'm sure Mr. J cherishes thattype of currency every day!

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