Rock the Vote

A few months ago, I posted a powerful short film directed by seventeen-year-old named, Kiri Davis. She's received widespread critical acclaim for "A Girl Like Me", her gut-wrenching exploration of how race impacts our perception of beauty. Now, she's up for a $10,000 CosmoGirl Film Contest Award! Anyone who's seen the short knows that this young lady doesn't play, so let's spread the word and hook a sister up.

To watch "A Girl Like Me", click here. To vote for it, click here.


plez... said...
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plez... said...

i linked to this video in plezWorld a few months ago. i was really touched by the message and how we are still affected by the ravages of slavery in the 21st century!

please take a few moments to vote for this video, because when i voted, she was running in 3rd place!

Maia said...

Heartbreaking film. Very talented young woman. I voted for her! Here's hoping she wins!