Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

It's too cold for an egg hunt right now (did that on Thursday, anyway) so J-Jo and I are spending the afternoon making these:

Aren't these just the lovliest Easter eggs ever?
Courtesy of Design Mom

My peeps.
Courtesy of Kids Craft Weekly

All the best to you and yours!

Mrs. J, Mr. J, J-Jo & The Dynamic Duo


Design Mom said...

I'd love to see photos of your eggs!

plez... said...

nice eggs! i went with my daughter to our subdivision's annual easter egg hunt at the clubhouse. it was a bit chilly this afternoon, but she had a BLAST grabbing up the multi-colored plastic eggs filled with candy and bubble gum. over 600 plastic eggs where scattered over the the lawn and tennis courts around the clubhouse. there were perhaps 20 kids aged 2 to 12 running around gathering eggs in their little easter baskets.

my, how times have changed. when i was a kid, my older brothers would color hard boiled eggs with onion skins and dye. they would hide them in the yard for me and my sister after church.

Mrs. J said...

design mom: Thanks for the inspiration! I'll email you a photo if I get a chance. They weren't nearly as pretty as yours though, Ms. Art Director. ;)

plez: Sounds like fun (even more for you and the Mrs., looking on). There's something really sweet about the old school egg hunt though. I live in a granola crunchy meets Norman Rockwell kind of a town, so you know they kept it "real". Not that any of the kids actually wanted eggs. The parents were smart about it though, there was some candy thrown in there, too. After that and yesterday, I think I might have to ban candy from the house. At least until J-Jo's first dentist appt (she's never been). I'd die if she walked in there for the first time with a daggone cavity in her mouth.