He Knows He Loves His Wife

In case you haven't heard already, Chris Rock is about to take a DNA test to prove (hopefully) that the adoescent child of a 36-year-old Atlanta journalist isn't his.

Recently, Rock and his lovely wife, Malaak, went public, disputing gossip that their marriage is headed for splitsville:

"It is extremely hurtful to us, our children, and our extended family. We remain, as always, very happy and committed to our marriage and the beautiful family that we have built."

I have to be honest, I've heard quite a bit over the years about things not going so well for them, tales of his infidelity and her planning to leave, but that doesn't mean they were true. And even if there was a bit of truth to it (or a whole lot of it) here and there, the bottom line is that they are clearly trying to make it work. Clearly, they're still in love and value what they have.

And we all know that for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, the only people who reeeally know what is going on in anybody's marriage are the two people in it. It they're alright, shouldn't everyone else be, too?

But that said, (cough) I really hope the kid isn't his.

I just couldn't help but doing the math to figure out if Chris and Malaak were together at the time the child in question was conceived. Regardless, I applaud Rock for doing the right thing by agreeing to take responsibility if he's the real dad. Truth be told, the baby mama seems kinda off (and why is it that it's always those types who pop up screaming "love child!"). But either way, something tells me the family will be alright no matter what.

Wish I could say the same for Eddie Murphy. That paternity situation of his is looking quite scary these days.


Liz said...

I saw them out here last summer and they looked like they were in the middle of a fight...but heck, that's me and my husband sometimes too. I feel for them and moreso for their kids having to deal with folks whispering about them at school. I do hope he's not the father.

As for Eddie's trifling self, I am PRAYING Melanie Brown was telling the truth and that he has to eat crow! He makes me so mad!

Aly Cat 121 said...

loorrd, don't wait 13 f*ckin years to find out who the dayum father of your child is. Jeez! Get that sh*t straight from jump, even if you think it is 2 or 3 different people. That really doesn't look good, cuz it does make you seem like you up to something. Just like the father who tries to say he wants custody of his child he ain't seen in 10 years, so his azz won't have to pay child support.

Maybe that's the cause of the fighing (if it's true) that he may or may not have fathered a child and kept closed mouth about it.

Anonymous said...

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