Deck the Walls

Ever wish you could find something to decorate your daughter's room with that went beyond the standard flower/princess/butterfly motif? And if it has to have a character, can't it be one that actually looks like her, thankyouverymuch?

Problem solved. Check out Yoon Kids for their collection of modern wall art that portrays a diverse mix of kids being kids. You can choose background colors, patterns, hair colors and yes, even skin colors from a unique assortment of canvas prints. Currently working on a boys line, the indie line goes far beyond the generic, tapping into the unique attributes our kids naturally posess.


Christopher Chambers said...

Would love to see the boy's line upon launch. Getting nauseous over the usual Spider Man, Ninja Turtles and jungle/sea creatures/NFL motiffs...

Anonymous said...

Just had one of those hold-your-breath parenting moments...

Went to the Yoon site with my girls, and we poked around experimenting with the different options. And no one asked to be represented as a latte blonde! :-)

We even came up with one that could be a gift for Taylor's favorite teacher, her science teacher (The "kid" with the computer and science lab equipment.)



Anonymous said...

How cool is this. I plan to buy a couple prints for my 4-year-old niece to replace all the blond princess art in her bedroom.

Thanks for the info.