Josephine Too?

My friend Lori over at My American Melting Pot is starting to wonder if Angelina Jolie is starring in her own period piece as the late Josephine Baker. I have to admit I'm beginning to think it too, with the whole Rainbow Tribe business and all. Word has it that Jolie is now planning to adopt a fifth child, this time a daughter from Chad.

I don't know where they'll find the time, but I'm not mad at 'em. They certainly can afford to send them all to college. Even though we already know that Maddox will probably be a rock star and Zahara the next Iman. And I think it's just great that they took my advice and are planning to give little Zahara a sister that actually happens to be one.

What do you think? Is Brangelina buggin'? Or do you think it's a beautiful thing?


Carmen said...


lori said...

hey mrs. j.

thanks for the mention of the meltingpot.

I want to believe in Angelina's good intentions, but if she adopts this new baby from Chad I think I may have to join the critics who are saying she's going too far too fast.

Even though all these kids need help...and if you have the opportunity, like she does, to see these kids living in such despair you want to help ...the children she already has will not thrive with Angelina building an orphanage in her own backyard.

But just to give her the benefit of the doubt, I've seen numerous loving families with biological children, adoptees and foster kids make it work with a lot less money and resources than Angelina. Hey what about these people who give birth to six, seven and eight at a time? They make it work right?

For the kid's sake I hope Angelina isn't as crazy as she seems.

Keep telling your truth Mrs. J. Love to read it!

Keith said...

I think giving good homes to kids that need them is always a beautiful thing. These kids will have a chance that they never would have had otherwise. Angie may be nuts, but it's in a good way.

Maia said...

I think they're right on to be thinking about the racial balance of their family. They get a lot of grief for "picking" the race of their children - but the fact that they are making sure that Zahara and Maddox and Pax will have same race siblings makes me think that they are being thoughtful and taking the responsibilities of interracial adoption seriously. Jolie has said as much (and been widely criticized for it, which boggles my mind) when she said that Shiloh has her bio mom and dad to look to when she needs to see someone in her family who looks like her - and that she wants to make sure that Zahara and Maddox have the same basic right. Certainly this attitude seems better than say, Tom Cruise, who seems to refuse to acknowledge his son's race altogether (and I'm just getting that from the one time I saw him talking about his son on Oprah - so I suppose I could be making unfair assumptions there). I think the Jolie-Pitt family seems pretty right on in as far their motives go.

That said, I do wish they'd slow down a little and give their children a little time to adjust between adoptions. I do feel that the family is growing awfully fast, and that it might be better to concentrate on the children they already have, and wait a little while before adopting again.

Katie & Ryan said...

As much as I love Brangelina, I think they are going a little fast with all of the adoptions. I think it is wonderful that they are trying to balance out their family but they don't have to do it all at once! Good grief, our adoption agency makes you wait a year before adopting again!

Lola Gets said...

When I heard of Jolie adopting yet another Asian child, and wanted to adopt other children in the future, I immediately thought of Josephine Baker!

I think what shes doing is noble, I just hope that she, and the kids, dont end up like Baker and her family.

I am not Star Jones said...

As long as the children are raised in a loving, nurturing, engaging environment, Angelina & Brad should do their thing.

and yeah...I mentioned to someone that Angelina was pulling a Josephine Baker and the person said who?

I explained and then added,
Angelina ain't doing nothing new.

Liz said...

I'm a huge fan of adoption so I say more power to them. I just hope they stay together because that's a whole lot of kids calling Brad "Daddy" even if he and Angie aren't married. That would be a whole lot of little ones hurting if Brangelina goes their separate ways.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

All the kids she has adopted needed homes and from what I hear the kids are doing well and are happy.

I think it's great she does acknowledge her adopted children have a different ethic background from hers and Brads.

Yes, Tom Cruise is tripping. I wonder what will happen to Connor Cruise when he's older.

Miss B said...

I'm not so upset about the fact that she's adopting babies from across the globe. I do think she suffers from White Woman's Burden but there's too much going on in the world to hate on a woman giving orphans a home.
What bothers me is that her kids are so young, and constantly bombarded by tons of strangers following the family around with cameras. Will they ever get to take a nice stroll down the street? Are they going to spend their whole lives rushed in and out of buildings and into cars... or rickshaws?
That's the sad part to me. I can't imagine feeling anything but anxiety if I was a mom with a quickly-growing, controversial family and had to worry abour privacy on top of everything else that comes with raising kids.

Doulala said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Are the children in the tub your twins? From what I can see, one of my twins looks a lot like yours. He also has blondish hair and is very fair. One time my oldest (8 at the time) asked me "How did a white baby come from a brown mom?"
I love the chocolate sampler analogy.

Nina said...

Just found your blog and I love it!

Doulala, I'm half Korean and half white and my husband is full Korean so our son doesn't really look mixed at all. A Korean guy in an elevator once gave us a confused look, pointed to my son and said, "Is he yours?" I explained to him our backgrounds (although now I don't even know why I bothered) and he responded, "I was wondering what this white lady was doing with a Korean baby!" Urgh.

Anyway...I think it's great that Brad and Angelina seem to be aware of the pitfalls of transracial adoption and want to give their children siblings that they can relate to racially. Good for them! It does seem like a lot of children one after the other, but the only people that know if Brad and Angelina can handle it or not are Brad and Angelina (and their kiddos).