Today It's a Turkey

Now J-Jo's saying she wants to marry a turkey.We went online, looking for pictures of turkeys, so I could further explain to her that she can't actually marry one.

This is what we found and now she's saying she's in love. Should I be surprised? Her first crush was on Moose A. Moose.


Being Mama Daily said...

a girl can change her mind can't she? If she does this enough times she might end up with an actaul human boy.

Mrs. J said...

You're right. It's not like there's any rush!LOL

Kim said...

...and maybe not a big difference!

(Oh alright, I apologize)

My four year old (boy) wants to marry his eight year old sister, and becomes really sad when he finally gives up the idea, because, he says he understands, one cannot marry one's own family member.

It's left him with no choices at all...first Mommy, then Big Sis.

Ask your J-Jo if Cullen can get the turkey's sister's number, would you please? Thanks!