Buggin' Out

You know who you are.

You're the stylish, sleep-deprived new parent who strolls through the city pushing your precious bundle in a chariot fit for a tiny royalty. You don't turn your nose up at Peg Peregos...you just didn't know they still make them anymore. Why? Because you're the proud owner of a Bugaboo, the stroller equivalent of a luxury car, the "it-child" vehicle of the moment.

I first spotted the Bugaboo several years ago when I was a childless newlywed living in New York City. I dreamed of one day joining the ranks of hip mommies who transported their wee little ones in style. Yes, it costs about the same as a year's worth of daily latte grandes, but my rationale was quite simple: if I had to trade my VW to ride on crowded subways and chase down stinky cabs, there was no way I was going to schlep a baby around Manhattan without looking cute while doing it.

But then we left the city and landed in a place where there are country mountain roads and hardly and sidewalks to speak of. Suddenly, a more practical, all-terrain jogging stroller seemed more appropos. In both practicality and on the purse. That still didn't stop my Bugaboo lust. Fortunately, I've never had the chance (or the nerve) to justify the cost of one to Mr. J.

But there is hope for the rest of us. Bugaboo Day Trips are open to all tiny passengers, regardless of their prefered mode of transport. You never know, some destinations might even offer free valet stroller parking.


Yolanda said...

I've been known to have a twinge of bugaboo lust now and then but once I look at my collection of strollers (I already have 5) I settle back down to reality.

Mrs. J said...

Ebony Mom! Why must you call me out like that!

Now I have to admit we've got 4 when you include a bicycle trailer that converts to a stroller. LOL

You're better than me though, because in my mind, two coupes, an SUV and an airstream trailer does not a Mercedes make. I should be ashamed for thinking like this, I know. LOL

Maybe there's some type of twelve step program for this?