Baby it's Cold Outside

Okay. I'll be the first to complain about global warming, but I sure would appreciate some right now. Just for a little bit. Only long enough to take the edge off the days when it's way too cold to take those babies outside. And the days when it's just cold enough that packing them into their snowsuits, et al. just doesn't seem worth it.

So before I give you the detailed local forecast, let me give a big shout out to the dude to the right. Lord knows our genes weren't made for this:

Today: Cloudy. Snow flurries or snow showers developing. High 31F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

Tonight: Snow likely. Low 14F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 80%. 1 to 2 inches of snow expected.

I know, I know, 1-2" ain't nothing (I can already hear you, Chi-town people...). But I refrained from giving you the rest of this detailed forecast – which I know you were sooo curious about – because it will NOT get warmer by the weekend. It's supposed to get worse. As in colder. With more snow.

Some black people – other than the Jamaican Bobsledders – actually like the cold. Remember Vonetta Flowers? I've heard through the grapevine that good old Al Roker owns a house near my sub-zero neck of the woods...and I saw Cassandra Wilson at the supermarket one time. I don't say this to name drop, but to state the fact that yes, there are African Americans who don't mind chilling out in chilly climates. The thing that seperates folks like Roker and Wilson, from say, myself for example, is that they're too wealthy to willfully freeze their behinds off. Surely, they own several homes in Manhattan, Paris, wherever and can get up on outta here when the temperature dips too low. Must be nice. *sigh*

Anybody have some new ideas about what to do when it's cold outside with two rambunctious eighteen-month-olds who have grown bored with their toys and still think Crayolas are something to eat?


Maia said...

When my boy was that little and it was freezing outside, I used to take him to the indoor "park" (really just a bunch of play stuff and mats in a gym) at the Kingston Y. I'm pretty sure it still exists. If I could scare up a girlfriend to go with me, we'd sit and gab, and if I had to go alone, I'd bring a book and occasionally look up and say, "Uh huh - that's great, honey! Go down that slide!" New Paltz (which I know is kind of a stretch of a drive for you) also has a nice little bakery that has a whole kiddie bakery (tiny counter with cash register, and wooden stove with lots of plastic bread and pies etc) - plus a nice selection of kid books to read - upstairs. That was a life saver before my kid could entertain himself. We'd go (again, with friends if we could find them, or alone with a book, if not) and order a hot drink (for me) and some juice for him - maybe a bagel (for him) and something sweet (for me) and he'd play (often with other kids who were there for the same reason) and I'd read or write.

And of course, worse came to worse, I'd just invite a buddy over with her kid - and have tea and conversation, and then at least we'd all have some company!

And I'm personally praying for some snow! Then at least the kids will have something to do outside besides stand there in the gray landscape and shiver!

Maia said...

Er... that's "worst came to worst" not "worse... to worse". Sorry. Can't stand my own sloppiness.

Raquita said...

truth never spoken so well "our genes weren't made for this" I tell my husband all the time, I AM FROM A TROPICAL PEOPLE, me and snow are no good in face to face combat. I like to look at it but thats about it... My daughter however thinks so is the Bees Knees... go figure. I got friends in Michigan right now who feel no sympahy for people like us as they kick through three feet of snow. I tell them I chose to to live up there on purpose.

Raquita said...

I like to make rice krispy treats with cammy when we can't go out side, and the book store is a life saver. The person above me has the kind of ideas i would jump on, and we have a museum for kids in our area that is great for snow days, check for child friendly exhibts and child friendly performances at your local orchestra or symphony.

Mrs. J said...

Thanks mamas –

The problem is taking TWO toddlers out to do things (other than run amock)...it's harder than it looks.

It crushed me to realize that the world is set up for singletons. I used to be out and about all the time with J-Jo when she was a toddler but just can't seem to be as freewheeling so to speak with the twins. They split up and run off into two different directions wherever we go (ZenBaby makes a beeline for the Children's section at Barnes and Noble while L-Boogie heads for the cafe...).

But I love your ideas of simple cooking projects with them and/or inviting people over. Party over here!:)

Aly Cat 121 said...

well sh*t I'm a Cali girl so when they say "it's 40 degrees outside" I"m like ohhhh that cold! LOL. My Hunny is from DC and he just looks at me. I've seen snow on mountain tops up in Lake Tahoe but never played in any. So I always ask my Hunny, why don't folks in cold climates like to bundle up and make snow people and sh*t? Is is like anything else, once you've seen snow and been in it, it's the same ol' song?

Mrs. J said...

Pretty much. To me, at least!LOL

Heather said...

Hi! Love your blog-- I read it often! I can feel your pain re: the cold and the world-set-up-for-singletons... It sometimes gets real cold where I live and I've got twin boys. They're 2.5 now, and still *two*handfulls* but it was so, so, so, so hard when they were the age that your twins are now. Here are things that worked great for us (while staying home- because, like you said, it is super hard --not impossible-- but super super hard --probably more hard than it is usually worth -- to go out and about with them alone)... Our guys are NOT CRAFTY (generally, the just aren't crafts-type kids) so we have never been able to last long with those crayola-paint-etc. activities. Here are some things we did a LOT last winter:
*** Water. Our boys have always loved playing with water. We'd clear off the kitchen counter around the sink, throw a bunch of towels on the floor, strip them down to their diapers, get them up on stools, and let them go nuts playing in the kitchen sink with some plastic cups, spoons, etc. They still love to do this.
*** Water- again... We'd often give them a bath as an "activity" not as a cleaning necessity. Fill the tub with bubbles and random "toys" (i.e., whatever I could come up with: plastic cups, bowls, plant watering can thing, plastic spray bottles, beach toys from the summer, ETC.). As long as they weren't their usual bath toys, they were amused for long stretches.
*** "Help Around the House" --even at age 18 months they liked to try to "help" with stuff like watering the plants, sweeping the floor, etc.
*** Bring outdoor toys in. We'd bring in their outdoor stuff and set it up and let them play.
*** Jumping on the bed. This was their favorite activity at 18 months, and would help get at least some of their energy out.
*** Looking at video of themselves. They are fascinated with themselves caught on camera. They loved (and still do love) to look at any footage from our little video camera and watch themselves. They get a BIG kick out of this!
*** Playing with ice. Who knows why, but they just love ice. I'd get them settled on a towel on the kitchen floor then let them play with bowls of ice cubes and some plastic spoons, cups, tupperware, zip lock bags, etc. They'd try to eat the ice and suck on it, etc., but mostly they just loved playing with the slippery ice cubes -- putting them in and out of containers, etc.

Those are some of the things we did last winter that worked. It is tough, I feel for ya! Hang in there! It gets easier as they get older (it doesn't get *easy*, but it does get *easier*!!!!!!!!)

Mrs. J said...

Thanks so much Heather! I'll have to try all of these. The water play is always a winner around here, but I've never tried it as a set activity, ikwim. Now I can!

Good to hear from another mama of multiples, I'll be sure to stop by your blog. :)