Black to the Future

This post is purely selfish, since we all know our kids aren't here so we can live vicariously through them, and that ultimately, they have the chance to grow up and become whatever they desire. But like many parents, I can't help but look at my kids without wondering what they'll do for a living one day. So help indulge me for a minute?

J-Jo is a natural born entertainer, she's been singing and dancing almost since day one. Now that the twins are here, she's upped the ante considerably, the world is a stage as far as she's concerned. So if she becomes the next Beyonce, I'd be completely unsurprised. J-Jo's a sparkle butt, I'm sure Ms. Knowles was too at one point (and now she has the sparkly outfits and the butt to prove it). It's fine, as long as J-Jo doesn't expect me to design all her get-ups, a la Tina Knowles, 'cause I can't sew for jack. And I'd hope she'll consider the booty shaking thing kinda played out by then, so that daddy doesn't decide to kidnap her and pad lock her in her old room. But J-Jo also talks about wanting to become a veterinarian. So who knows?

ZenBaby is the classic, textbook baby who barely cried when we brought her home from the birthing center. So sweet, we thought there must have been some kind of mistake the first week we had her at home (we flinched every time the door bell rang, 'cause we knew it was her real family coming to whisk her back home to Bel Air). Nowadays, while J-Jo and their brother are playing tag all over the house, she's curled up on the couch or in the playroom with a board book. ZenBaby's our quiet, reserved child who I know fifteen years from now will either be off in the corner with War and Peace or off in her room sulking "What's wrong with those people? Surely, I must be adopted!" Probably some combination of the two. Zen's an observer and a quick study, I wouldn't be surprised if she became a novelist like her daddy. Or a judge.

And then, there's our boy. At eighteen months, L-Boogie barely says more than three words, but can sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Elmo's Song" and floored us over the holidays with his own rendition of "Jingle Bells". Constantly, MJ and I are glancing over at eachother as if to say "the boy can barely talk, but he can sing?" I really wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be a musician. Especially with his middle name, Thelonious. He's got the coolness of a jazz cat, but the smile of a politician, which strangers in the supermarket have stopped me to comment on. Better a politician than a used car salesman I suppose. I'd be so proud if he ended up following the lead of Deval Patrick, the first black elected governor of Masssachusetts who was sworn into office this morning, placing his hand on the Holy Bible that had been given to John Quincy Adams, by slaves from the Amistad.

Governor Patrick's speech had me all choked up today:
''I am descended from people once forbidden their most basic and fundamental freedoms, a people desperate for hope and willing to fight for it -- and so are you,'' Patrick told the crowd. ''This commonwealth, and nation modeled on it, is at its best when we show that we understand a faith in what's possible and willingness to work for it.

''As an American, I am an optimist, but not a foolish one. I see clearly the challenges before us.''

If I was his mama, that inauguration would have been flooded with my tears. I'm talking life jackets and search parties, people. But that's not where it stops. My son's gotta crawl before he can walk, right? So let me just be completely honest and put it out there that I really wouldn't mind if L-Boogie became the next Barack Obama.

More than anything, most of us basically want our children to be happy, positive, productive people who care about making a difference in this world. That's not too much to ask.

But strictly on the employment tip – based on their current personalities – what do you see your kids doing in 2050?


Liz said...

Governor Patrick's speech is a choker-upper. Goodness, how touching.

So, my kids. I don't think they'll be politicians, but you never know. My soon to be six year-old son is either going to be some sort of scientist and/or he's going to be an artist. He does mini-experiments around the house and also is drawing all the time.

I'm convinced that my youngest is going to be a huge rock star. At age three, he sings, plays drums, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. He puts on shows for us and it's amazing how seriously he takes it all.

I hope I live to see it all!

Ginny said...

I'm voting "ZenBaby for President"! Wow she seems like the kind of person I would like controling our nuclear arms and public relations! (I'll keep an eye for L-Boogie on the ballot too!)
My family has presidential hopes for our little son too (http://gghezzo.blogspot.com/2006/03/first-black-president.html) . I'm just shooting for happy right now.

Mrs. J said...

Liz - We should start their band now. Then they can all break off with their solo careers later. How old was Tiger Woods when his daddy took him out to the greens? It's never too early! :)

Ginny – Oh yes, ZenBaby would make a great politician as well as I'm sure you're little guy would.

And I agree with you, happy is key!:)

Marnie said...

Our son is going to be some sort of techie/engineer, I think. He is 10 mos and is FASCINATED with gadgets. Phones, remotes, flashlights, cameras, anything that has tech should be in his hands. And he KNOWS the dead cell phone we gave him is not the same as our live ones. How he knows this? And how he knows what is a gadget and what isn't? We have Babysplat on the computer and he will happily bang away on the keyboard. Fortunately, he has also decided to develop a sense of humor; I was seriously worried for a bit.

Anonymous said...

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