Talking About Marriage

My best friend is getting married this spring and she wants J-Jo to be her flower girl. J-Jo was so flattered to have been asked ("I'd love to, Aunt Birdie!") and is beside herself with excitement these days, picking out flowers for Aunt Birdie's wedding...at the supermarket.

Naturally, most of my oldest girl child's conversational topics are centered around the subject of weddings and marriage these days.

The latest:

J-Jo: Mommy, I'm getting married with grapes.

Mrs. J: Really honey? You want to walk down the aisle with grapes instead of flowers?

J-Jo: No, mommy. I'm getting married to grapes, not with grapes. I don't want a husband, I want to marry grapes.

Mrs. J: And why's that?

J-Jo: Because I love them.

Mrs. J: I love them too (popping one in my mouth) but why do you want to marry them?

J-Jo: Because they're sweet and they don't talk.

If Mr.J happens to read this, hopefully he won't take offense (who'd like to think their child wants them to shut up?). But it's nothing personal. J-Jo is a child who deliberately sings over top of televison commercials, has been known to enter daycare saying (in a sing song voice) "I'm here!!". She's the life of the party whether the room is full of stuffy nosed two year olds or stodgy college professors. She's never content outside of the spotlight, at least not for too long. Hopefully, the person she decides to marry (if she decides to marry at all) will understand that smiling and nodding politely can go a long way.


Being Mama Daily said...

She can find a husband exactly like that. I did, and we have the happiest, funniest marriage of any couple I know. "Just nod and smile," I tell him, "Just nod and smile."

What else is a girl to do when she knows that God made her EXTRA special?

keith said...

Hilarious! She is wise beyond her years.

Christopher Chambers said...

Sounds good! I've seen (and been burned at my own wedding) little girls who are hams in a crowd yet when it's time to stroll down that aisle, the creeping terror arrives. Usually that's a ringbearer disease, but we seem to excuse that kind of reaction in boys. We expect the flower girl to be a poised, miniature bride, however.