Things A Girl Can Only Tell Her Best Friend...When She's Five

OWD (Overheard While Driving):

J-Jo: Do you like your boots that way?

Friend: Do I what?

J-Jo: Do you like that they're brown?*

Friend: Yeah, I like them.

J-Jo: Oh. (silence) I like the flashy butterflies on them.

Friend: Thanks.

J-Jo: Even though they're brown.

* To this day, I've only been able to get J-Jo to wear one brown pair of shoes. And that's only because the boots have these little, metal, heart-shaped charms dangling from them. The girl loves shoes as much as the next sister, but they must be flamboyant. The more bells and whistles the better. I've been known to blink back tears of frustration in the kids shoe aisle at Target as J-Jo extols the virtues of hot pink Barbie sneakers with blinking lights and sparkly laces. What's wrong with plain mary jane? I just pray she keeps the habit in check: I suppose I could tolerate a wannabee Nia Long, who recently admitted to the shoe hoarding sickness...but please Lord, please don't let me raise a junior Star Jones.

I can already picture her begging me to take her to DSW. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


Mom2One said...

HAHAHA!! How cute! I only have the 1 boy and I LOVE shoes. If only I lived closer, I'd be your proxy for taking her shoe-shopping. I have one of those frequent shopper cards for DSW too. Oh yes, yes I do. *blush*

No Payless for this girl, though. No top-of-the-line full-price shoes either, though.

How utterly cute. :D

chanie said...

my son insisted on only getting red shoes or sneakers for a while. he wouldnt even try on any that were other colors. now we've branched out - his current shoes are bright blue.
we've left shoe stores after he's said 'all the shoes here are boring. only black and brown. i want COLORFUL!'

gingerbreadlatte said...

My younger girl loves shiny (patent leather) shoes. This has been her thing for 2-3 years now. I was the same way; my favorite pair of shoes when I was a kid were my "marshmallow" shoes..the tops were red and the bottoms were white. I still like more va-va-voomy shoes but they get very little wear w/ me chasing kids.