Go, Nancy! Get Busy!

"For these children, for all America's children, the House will come to order," Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared as she took the gavel, and made history as the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history last week. What I wouldn't have given to have been a fly on the wall that day, witnessing history in the making.

By acknowledging the importance of family and children in her inaugural speech, I think that Pelosi sent a clear message to families of all backgrounds and economic means that a new day is on the horizon. There may come a day when American parents will have not only adequate, but optimal child care for our children. Who knows, we may even come to know such thing as paid maternity leave that doesn't end as soon as little Jr. cracks his first smile.

To show your appreciation for Nancy Pelosi's family friendly public statement, and to let her know we've got her back, too, you can click here. And while you're at it, take a look at one of my new favorite causes, Moms Rising*, a grass roots organization dedicated to improving the lives of American mothers and their children everywhere.

*Please don't let the Moms Rising logo of Rosie the Riveter holding a porcelain-skinned baby scare you away! After all, we, too, sing America...do we not?


Anonymous said...

An unfortunate photo, though! Look who's clustered closest to her, and who's on the outskirts. Wish they'd taken better care with the visuals.

Mrs. J said...

You know, I actually noticed that, too. But six of those kids are supposed to be her grandkids. Not to say it doesn't look a little off. Let's hope the photographer didn't intentionally thy and "balance" the composition by positioning them that way!

Christopher Chambers said...

I think she's mother in law to one of the Cuomos, right? My dad was at the event they had for her in little Italy in Baltimore. When I was J-Jo's age wemoved to the city; Pelosi's brother was mayor. Of course the riots had just ended and the brothers had burned half the hood down. He didn't run for re-election.

So far she hasn't jumped bad at Bush on anything, including her response to this "surge" (frankly, you can always say "hey, we f-d up and trusted you, so we're rescinding the war resolution of 2003"). My next disappointment was that she's tabled statehood for the District of Columbia.