About Last Night

7:36 pm
Twins are clean, pajama'd and in their respective cribs. Their light is out and they're chattering away to each other in pigeon toddler.

7:48 pm
I climb onto my bed, ignoring the sound of the tv downstairs and shut my eyes – taking five between putting the babies down and J-Jo to bed.

7:52 pm
J-Jo pokes her head in my door "There's my beautiful mommy that I've missed so much!"

Okay, what does she want?

7:54 pm
J-Jo returns with The Wonderful House by Margaret Wise Brown. One of our – okay, my – favorite books. We read until I drift... off...

"Oh mommy, you really are tired! You fell asleep during this book and it isn't even too long!" J-Jo pulls the covers over me and disappears to the bathroom.

J-Jo returns with my (wet) toothbrush. I fight my type-A personality.

J-Jo is "brushing" my teeth.

7:58 I submit to fatigue.


I momentarily drift out of slumber and hear this downstairs:
"Daddy, I had to tuck mommy in, she was very tired. Could you put me to bed please?"

God bless that child. Think I could do this uh, once a month?


Mom2One said...

Ohhhh, what a sweetheart!! <3

Yolanda said...

That is so cute! I'm so glad you have your J-Jo to take care of you :)

daddy in a strange land said...

That's hilarious! The Pumpkin's 2--when exactly can I start expecting this kind of behavior? :)

Aly Cat 121 said...

that was tooooo funny. why was ol' gurl brushin your teeth? LOL! Just when we least expect it our babies do the most amazing things.

Being Mama Daily said...

beautiful! girls are like fairy dust...