Meet Misa

It's Misa. You know, the one who's responsible for styling just about every hip hop and r&b maven you've ever heard of. Anyway, you might know her from hair salon gossip...something about how she's the mother of Daddy Diddy's son, the one he named his restaurant after.

But Misa Hylton is much more than a hip hop egoiste's baby's mama. She's a fashion maven, business woman and a savvy mother of three. Just the other day I was yapping about being a mommy and finding time to put on lipgloss. Meanwhile, girlfriend has her own clothing line, Madison Star Couture (named for her daugter, Madison Star) which has catapulted into a thriving company. Somehow, she still finds time to looking fierce while opening juice boxes (or instructing someone else to).

I swear, I don't know how she does it, but whatever the case, it sure looks as if she's doing something right.


kim said...

She walked where you are walking, and did the late nights with a baby in her lap, quickly rocking the knees so baby would sleep.

Now that the kids are older , she has TIME to look smashing. But you know all about the pins in the back of her dress, you know how the shoes aren't even really fitting her feet, and that she was definitely posing for the camera.

You are on your way, and where you are supposed to be now. Baby steps, Mama.

Mrs. J said...

I forgot about all those pins...thanks, Kim. LOL

Antonia said...

Impressed w/ MSC says ...

Hmm, I am LOVING Madison Star Couture! I rock the shirt I have off there all the time, and I always get compliments on it -- and I don't even have what I really want off there yet!!!

The clothes are well-made and they are fly. I hope people will pay more attention to Misa's style and all the amazing additions to MSC to come...I can't wait to see what comes out for Fall '07. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend my time paying attention to this site, and all the other fly things Misa has going on...instead of paying attention to any of her court cases, or (now more than a decade old) diddy-baby-mama talk...

(oh, and amen to the other posts -- my sistas, we should def. remember that we are making baby steps ourselves and no doubt doing big things ourselves, like Misa... ) we'll be there one day, too ;)