Update on the Bronx Fire

The African Services Committee is accepting donations in support of the Malian families affected by the tragic fire on March 7th the Bronx. They will send earmarked contributions to the Magassa and Soumare families directly.

To make a donation (even if it's just $10), click here.

And please remember to be safe. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors, make sure your power strips aren't over loaded...you know the drill.


Aly Cat 121 said...

I did just that after I saw a newcast about the Bronx fire here in Cali the other day. I checked to see how many detectors we had, and if they were still working. And I just felt really thankful, cuz that could be my family, or my families family. You know?

Mrs. J said...


Rob Lugo (editor) said...

I think that is just amazing, the way everybody, especially the Highbridge community is joining together. Even George Steinbrenner of the Yankees is pitching in by offering to pay for funeral expenses.

Maia said...

Thanks for the link. It's good to feel you can do something - even if it's just sending a little cash.