Flashback Friday

Remember the Sesame Street classic, "Eleven Twelve"? My almost five year old seems to like watching this (over and over on You Tube) better than the actual show itself these days.


CamberwellBeauty said...

Hi there Mrs J, I am a mom very similar to yourself in the UK with fraternal twins(5yrs) and an older boy(10yrs). I love your blog.Especially all the cool links. How I enjoyed Eleven Twelve, what a classic!Keep up the good work.


Mrs. J said...

Thanks so much, Honeychile:)!

I might have to hit you up for some parenting advice since you're further down the road with twins + 1. So far, other muliple parents we meet just look at us with sympathy. I'm still waiting to meet someone who will tell me "it get's easier!"