Going Back to Cali

Who doesn't love the left coast? The laid-back attitude and the dependable sunsets are only two reasons I often dream of MJ and I moving back west ('cept with kids this time). And if we ever do, I'd seriously consider relocating to the Bay Area, if for no other reason than the Berkeley Parents Network.

The site is amazing, they even have a discussion board for African American families where you can find a black doula, physician or a more diverse school. Even if you live miles away from Northern Cali, the discussion boards are interesting and often very helpful.

I'll be all up in that site this winter – pretending that's white sand I see outside, not snow.


Aly Cat 121 said...

*singin* "I'ma Raider, Oakland Raider, from the Bay to LA to Las Veeeegas." - Xhibit. LOL. I'm a true cali girl. Altho I have been having visions of NY and there may be a possiblity of us moving there. *singin* "I'm in a New York state of mind* ha! LOL

sherri said...

I'm living in North Carolina now, but I'm from Cali, Nor Cal to be exact. And yes I love it, I miss it and if I had my choice, I'd move back.