Merry Christmas

J-Jo wishing for world peace (or Bratz
dolls, whichever comes first)

Best wishes to you, your loved ones and your little loved ones
this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Mrs. J, Mr. J, J-Jo, L-Boogie and ZenBaby


Christopher Chambers said...

I assume you were kidding about the Bratz dolls, right?

Hope a merry christmas was had by all in your crew...

Anonymous said...

Will you be doing any posts or links for child care and child-rearing public policy? I would include crime in that, too because so much of it in our community is from indifferent or ignorant parents or our church leaders who ask for more money and condemn homosexuality, yet refuse to condemn crime or participate in stamping it out. They refuse to do so because the criminals are often the children of their churchmembership, and they don't want to upset anyone.

Mrs. J said...

That's funny about the Bratz, Chris. I was serious, she still wants them, but wasn't mad at Santa for bringing (among other things) her a Barbie "laptop". That kinda cancelled it out. I can get/w the pink stuff when it's educational. Just doing my best to ignore the saccharine Barbie voice programed into it!LOL Hope you and yours had a lovely holiday as well. Best to all of you. :)

anonymous - Thanks for commenting. I hadn't considered that, but I am not adverse to (constructive) self-criticism of the black community on the blog in general. You're welcome to send me an email with more specific information on the subject you've mentioned.