Beyond Baby Bach

It didn't take long for our generation to realize that some babies have musical tastes that reach far past the classical confines of Baby Einstein. These brand new brainchildren of entrepreneurial parents are targeted towards tomorrow's (slightly more gentrified) hip hop heads:

Baby Loves Hip Hop
Baby Loves Music is about to drop their first kids hip hop album. Similar to their successful Baby Loves Jazz, Baby Loves Hip Hop will highlight the musical genre through characters. But instead of "Miles the Crocodile" and "Ella the Elephant", the new album will feature the "dino crew", including MC T-Rex and DJ Spinosaurus.Special guests artists are promised, not surprising given the creators are Philly natives who used to party with The Roots.

It's Hip Hop Baby
Televison producer Candi Carter's all new It's Hip Hop, Baby! has a suburban elementary school vibe that even edgy city mamas love – here's what Urban Baby had to say:"With an iPod full of Jay-Z and Chris Brown, you're not the kind of mom who's going to sit through slow, sappy versions of The Alphabet Song and Old MacDonald. You've updated everything else in your kid's life, from her sleek crib and high-tech stroller to her trendy toys and tees; now it's time to update her music too..."

Hip-Hop Mozart
And Children's label Hip Kiddy is planning to test the "Mozart Effect" by releasing Hip-Hop Mozart, a DVD of children performing Mozart compositions mixed with "gentle fresh" Hip-Hop beats, aimed at babies and children. As reported by All Hip Hop:"...The music DVD contains special features such as a sing-a-long section, an arts and crafts portion and a bonus soundtrack CD with 60 minutes of educational entertainment. Hip-Hop Mozart is due in stores in December."


Aly Cat 121 said...

Is is just me, or does "Hip Hop Baby" seem to have more white children front and center, than "others"? (oohh the cynical mommy I am) *shakin head*

Altho, "Hip Kiddy" appears to have puppets of color everywhere, so we might have to check that one out. Thanks for the links.

Yolanda said...

Thanks- we're always on the search for kid friendly music.