Multi-culti Couture

When her daughter, Simone, was born a red head, savvy D.C. mom Leigh-Ann Jackson – who happens to be a black woman married to a white man – was inspired to create gear for infant and toddlers that needs no explanation. Her company, Swirl Syndicate, boasts adorable t-shirts with cheeky phrases like "I'm a Little Bit of Everything" (beneath a graphic of a blender) and "She's my mommy, Not my nanny" (perfect for an African American mom like me whose baby was born with blonde hair!).

Made from the softest 100% cotton, the tees range in sizes from 0 months to 2T and are a perfect way to respond to people who insist on staring – or better yet, asking crazy questions – in the supermarket.

A fresh choice for taking the taboo out of the race topic and celebrating every part of who multi-ethnic children truly are.


Tom L said...

it looks like that URL for SwirlSyndicate is a bit messed up

Aly Cat 121 said...

Honey, I tell you. I DID leave a comment but Google "crackish" azz smoked it up. LOL. You know I'm mad right? *shakin head*

Christopher Chambers said...

She's local (DC)?

I like the nanny one-sy, but so damn pale we need one that says "Yeah, I got culluh"

Mrs. J said...

Tom – thanks, I'll fix it!

Aly - How you been girl? I hate when that happens.

Chris - Don't worry, we're still checking behind our boy's ears, too... *shaking head*

Mrs. J said...

I just fixed that link! Sorry for the delay.

Being Mama Daily said...

that is adorable! necessity is absolutely the mother of invention.