Isn't it About Time For a Black Wiggle?

I just found out that Greg from the Wiggles will soon be leaving the group.

Although the reasons aren't specific, I believe it's mostly for health reasons. It's such a shame – he's only 34 years young and was one of the founding members of the million dollar kids phenomenon. Their tunes were frequently heard in our house when J-Jo was a young toddler. I never understood why they had the only person of color, Jeff, sleeping all the time, but I tried to be a good mommy and put my paranoia on the back burner for a change because J-Jo loved them. So we indulged in as many videos that would keep her satisfied while buying us 34 minutes of peace. As an enthusiastic new parent, I listened and even grew to enjoy the music right along with her...until it attempted to penetrate my subconscious. Absent-mindedly singing "Fruit Salad (Yummy, Yummy)" while in the shower was a startling sign that I needed to get out more.

But I still can't imagine what the quartet would be like riding in that big red car without the guy in the yellow shirt. So considering they'll probably be looking for replacements soon, here are my picks for who I think they should audition:

1. Wayne Brady. We've given him his black cred back after seeing him on Chapelle's Show. He's crazy talented and now that we know he's also a real brother, his dancing along with Dorothy the Dinosaur won't look like straight cooning.

2. Savion Glover. The grownup Tap Dance Kid is highly underrated. We know he's down with the kids shows, he's been on Sesame Street handful of times. His tapping would be a strong contrast to the Disney/meets/ska sound of the Wiggles music. And the Irish jigs they tend to bust out with from time to time.

3. Tim Meadows. I have no idea if he can sing or dance, but his wry humor would be a breath of fresh air.

Those are my suggestions for how to add a little more color to kid's tv.
Who would you pick?


Dee said...

Definitely Wayne Brady. How funny was he on Chapelle's Show? My DH and I still crack up when we talk about it. Savion? Nah, couldn't see him singing "Fruit Salad".

Christopher Chambers said...

How about Eddie Murphy? He seems pretty much out of the closet now and thus a perfect Wiggle. LOL.

Come on...I know you chuckled when you read this...

Yolanda said...

Wayne Brady really would be a perfect Wiggle lol