Raising 'em Up Right

My alter ego, the one who types in her pajamas, is a columnist for a fabulous site called Anti Racist Parent. It's terrific, brimming with thinking people who are committed to raising their kids without a biased perspective.

The mastermind behind it, Carmen Vankerckove, is compiling a primer on how to be an anti-racist parent. How great is that...a handbook to help parents raise sensitive, well-adjusted kids in this crazy, mixed up world. Who aren't bigots. They should really distribute these in maternity wards.

These are just some of the topics the free ebook will address:

What books, activities or toys do you recommend for children?

What books or videos/DVDs do you recommend for parents who want to educate themselves about racism?

How do you instill a good sense of self-esteem in your child?

How do you teach children about racism in an age-appropriate way?

Want to add your $.02? Click here.

Tips are due by tomorrow, but you probably have some good suggestions right now.


Carmen Van Kerckhove said...

Thanks Mrs J! :)

Aly Cat 121 said...

is this for ALL parents or only the white ones?

Mrs. J said...

cvk - No problem :)
Aly - I know what you're thinking.; But I see it this way...who better to school folks than those who've been on the receiving end of ignorant behavior? Even though race issues don't affect our kids the same way, I think it's a discussion we all can participate in.:)

eda said...