Father Goose and Dan Zanes

From MySpace:

Jamaican born Rankin Don Father Goose is a multi-talented entertainer breathing a breath of fresh air into the children's music scene. His unique adaptation of popular childrens music continues to garner impressive review and turnouts. His songs are fun for kids, more often laced with contagious rhythms, and enthusiasm that have everyone "grooving", young, and old. A unique blend of folktale, Reggae, rap, calypso pop and traditional childrens styles rolled into one. The Gooses shows always lean towards audience participation including a chance for the children and parents to play, sing and connect. Father Goose has performed on nine albums with kids music maestro Dan Zanes. Click the links below to check out some of the work they've made together:

Catch That Train

House Party

And click here for grammy nominated Dan Zanes' official newsletter.


Nerd Girl said...

I just bought this and Lovegirl LOVES the House Party CD. And truth be told, so do I! Of course, she's only really down with two songs - House Party Time and her all time favorite jam - Down in the Valley. Or as she calls it "two by two." "Mama, please, please play two by two again. Again, Mama, again!"

Father Goose and Dan Zanes know how to get the toddler crowd - and their parents - movin'

princess edamame said...

Congrats in "finding" Dan Zanes and Farther Goose. I'd say my 2 y/o loves them, but that's not entirely true. My 2 y/o, my hubby, and I all adore them. The music isn't really "kids' music" in the conventional sense (read: Barney). I think of it more as family music.

We took our son to Dan's concert in December, and it was a fantastic experience. I was worried that Son would not sit through it, and he didn't have to! They had a great "mosh pit" for the kids, and their parents, to dance.

I highly recommend Dan Zanes & Friends.

Kate said...

I found your blog through Dan Zanes' newsletter! :) Dan is wonderful - we caught one of his concerts down in Walt Disney World in September 2006, and we are loving "Catch that Train" and "House Party". My 21mo son LOVES it and dances in the car when we're out and about! And it's music I'd listen to anyway. We both win!

Great blog. I'll be back.

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