A Public Service Announcement from COON: The Coalition Opposing Offensive and Negative Stereotypes

Little Marvin: 4

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bhoomi said...

Hello stranger, my friend linked me to your blog. I just wanted to comment on this video...

I think the point of it is that *most* (repeat: MOST) people would find this funny. No, hilarious.

As a woman of color in American society who is working on a PhD in sociology, it's evident to me that this video just seems to play up these stereotypes even more! This does nothing for the real issue of negative stereotypes of blacks; this is just another example of the repressive nature of American ideology (in other words, all black people must be bad since we're assuming that everything said in this video is 100% true).

Furthermore, all of the stereotypes used here are those negative ones that white people today just can't seem to get passed. ("Black girls who *aren't even* pregnant?" Please, what about all of those white girls who get pregnant?)

I just can't believe that no one has commented on this yet!!!