Don't ask me who the crazy looking guy on the wall is, just trust me, this place is amazing. I'm still catching my breath after a whirlwind weekend visit to Mass MOCA in North Adams, MA (about two hours and some change from here). I was a studio art major in college and although my medium is now words, I have a sincere passion for high art and an extraordinary amount of respect for those who create it. Walking though contemporary art galleries is one of my favorite things to do in life and just setting foot in the museum's gift shop is damn near transcendental. So needless to say, mommy was one happy camper.

If asked whose work I admire the most, that of Ellen Gallagher and my former classmates (well almost classmates, they went to Morehouse), Kojo Griffin and Sanford Biggers would come to mind most easily, but there are a ton of contemporary artists I jock. I could care less about a painting matching my couch, I'm most impressed by the concept. The artist in the main gallery had an amazing usage of color and exploration of light. But my favorite part was J-Jo standing in front of an installation that was comprised of about 44 fans stacked on top of eachother, blowing at different times: "Fans are not art mommy, they're for blowing air." She was all over the Ugly Dolls, though:

Road trips like this one have me almost wishing we weren't getting ready to leave the northeast at the end of this summer. Yes, you heard me right, the J Family will soon be leaving upstate New York, due to Mr. J's new tenure-track gig. I'm ecstatic for my honey, but hate moving, so I'll leave the details to him (for those of you who haven't already heard).

For now, a few more shots from Mass MOCA, starring the J Trio:

A stranger offered J-Jo the purple balloon (at least it wasn't candy).

Check out the trees hanging from above.

J-Jo reminds me how much creativity I've lost in the third floor art studio dedicated entirely to kids.

Blowing off some steam before the ride home. Better there than in the car, bugging out all the way through the Berkshires!


JJ said...

beautiful kids you have too, there Mrs. J. This place seems like a wonderful place to visit. You couldn't help but have your creativity stirred somehow.

Sooooo...speaking of creativity. I was tempted to go pull out my NABJ Houston paraphernalia and photos and then thought. Hmmmm. Maybe I know you from the college chapter. Dem kids sure do look familiar. Hmmmm. LOL!

Nerd Girl said...

Nice pictures - looks like a good time was had by all. Houston should be a great place for you all. If you love Mexican food like I do, you must visit Chacho's on the regular. My brother lives in Katy, so we're in that area pretty frequently. Enjoy!

Mrs. J said...

jj- Yes, it was college, I'm almost sure of it. Please email me in your mythical free time - I'd love to catch up!

nerd girl - How is Katy? Do you think you would like raising Lovegirl there (I trust your judgement).

Yolanda said...

Ooooh I love the pics. Your babies are just too gorgeous!

Mrs. J said...

yolanda - Thanks! Still interested in the arranged marriage thing (my daughters to your sons)? Hey, it works for other cultures...

Dee said...

What cuties! I'm gonna have to ask to ask you to back up off of Eboy though. He and my Girlie's marriage was arranged while they were still in utero. ;-)

Mrs. J said...

dee- I guess we really can't compete with utero...*shrug* Maybe there hope for the toddlers...lol

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I came across your posting on the anti-racist parent blog, which led me to your blog. I thought I'd write to say that you all will have lots of possibilities for art outings in Houston!! The Menil collection is great, and the big museum there is, too. Good luck with your move!!

Nancy (from Texas, living in Minnesota)

eda said...